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    Coastal Wall Art "Ocean Memories"

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    Are you searching for the Perfect Coastal Wall Art that will take your breath away?

    "This coastal wall art decor has a beautiful design and color to it. We love our new art; it gives our living room space a warm and inviting feel. The colors and size were ideal for our requirements. It's well made, and there is already a rope attached to the back. Just open the package and hang it up!”

    ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ ~ Chris Kemmer
    ✅ Verified Buyer


    At times, a room can lose its appeal and turn mundane.

    Furthermore, this results in insecure feelings about a room and the embarrassment of having people over.

    Many feel the need for a complete room renovation.

    Additionally, this can be very expensive, and the cost of remodeling a room can leave some feeling helpless.

    Coastal Wall Art "Ocean Memories" is a rare, original art piece made by an award-winning artist.

    It captures the very essence of peace and radiant energy and displays that in any room.

    Experience the peaceful and lively feeling of Coastal Wall Art "Ocean Memories" without breaking the bank!

    Likewise, entertain guests with ease and confidence in this awe-inspiring space.

     tropical wall art


    ✅ Painted By Award-Winning Artist: Coastal Wall Art "Ocean Memories" is original artwork created by an award-winning artist. He's painted murals for Bass Pro Shops and other well-known companies. Owning custom artwork that not everyone else owns creates a sensational feeling of confidence.

    ✅ Looks Like An Original:
    Coastal Wall Art "Ocean Memories" is of superior quality, and the certified reprint looks original. Certified reprint of the $2,900 original can be yours for less.

    Rope Attached And Ready To Hang: Coastal Wall Art has a rope attached to the back of the frame. It is ready to hang out of the box. This is a huge timesaver and removes the frustration created by picture-hanging kits.

    Experience Peace And Energy: Coastal Wall Art captured the essence of peace and radiant energy with every brush stroke. Experience the calmness and joy that radiates from"Ocean Memories" without ever having to leave home. 

    ✅ Thick 1" Hardwood Frame: Coastal Wall Art "Ocean Memories" was made using a thick 1" hardwood frame. This full 1" Frame will keep the thick gallery-wrapped canvas looking great for years to come.

    ✅ Thick Gallery-Wrapped Canvas: Coastal Wall Art "Ocean Memories" was created using an extra thick gallery-wrapped canvas. Durable canvas used for "Ocean Memories" yields timeless allure.



    1. Unbox the coastal wall art and unwrap it from the protective packaging.

    2. Hang it on the wall. (Yes, it really is that easy. Remember, the rope is already attached to the back of "Serene Nature")

    3. Sit back and experience the peaceful feeling that beams from Coastal Wall Art "Ocean Memories."

    beach wall art canvas

    A dull room makes hosting guests stressful - we understand.

    It's very frustrating figuring out how to make our rooms look better without spending a fortune.

    Moreover, a recent study showed the average price a person pays to redecorate a room is $5,000!

    All of this to feel better about the appearance of their room!

    With Coastal Wall Art “Ocean Memories” take a deep breath and sigh of relief.

    Besides, you no longer need to be embarrassed by a boring room.

    For example, "Ocean Memories" art uplifts any space beyond visual appeal.

    In particular, it provides a peaceful atmosphere that everyone can experience. 

    Also, enjoy newfound confidence with stunning ocean wall art that'll leave a lasting impression on all who see it.


    Height: 20 Inches
    Width: 40 Inches
    Depth: 1 Inch


    (1) "Ocean Memories" Coastal Wall Art Print (20"X40") The Origins Nature Collection

     ocean wall art

    How was this Beach Wall Decor Created?

    Here's the story of where the inspiration came from for this Coastal Wall Art Canvas.

    This story is told by the award-winning artist Farley Lewis:

    "I was on a missions trip to Haiti. And on our one day off, we decided to go to the beach. What an incredible place!

    We bought a lobster from a local fisherman for $10, and he even cooked it for us.

    The day was beautiful, relaxing, refreshing and inspiring.

    Further, this coastal painting marks the spot, bringing back many great memories.

    Storm clouds loomed, yet no rain poured.

    In addition, it did add a nice drama to the already- dramatic landscape.

    The landscape was complete with beach, forest edge, and mountains all rolled into one incredible scene.

    The challenge I faced was to capture all the different colors of blue in the water.

    Simultaneously, I unified the vast ocean into a cohesive entity."

    The Second Challenge Of Creating The Coastal Painting

    The second challenge was making beach sand interesting, as anyone who has tried to paint a beach scene will attest.

    In particular, I used a palette knife and took some liberties with the colors I saw there.

    Result's intriguing yet minimal with just enough detail to pop.

    And speaking of pop, I love those pops of red in the beach umbrellas!

    Additionally, the other challenge was keeping the layers of mountains separate yet connected.

    As a result, at times they looked too separated, and at other times too connected. Finding the balance was key.

    Moreover, we spent all day there and never got a drop of rain.

    coastal painting



    "I was looking for something to bring summer into my home, and this was the perfect piece of artwork to do that. It is beautiful and so well made. It reminds me of the beaches of northern Michigan. It was shipped to me packaged carefully, and in the time they said it would be. I would buy from this company again!”
    ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ ~ Mary Hoogerheide
    ✅ Verified Buyer


    "Love this wall art! This canvas print is beautiful! I live along Lake Michigan and wanted a print for the guest bedroom. This painting reminds me of the lakeshore. The colors are perfect, and the quality is amazing with the wrap around canvas and at a great price. I am extremely happy with this purchase!
    ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ ~ Nancy Smith
    ✅ Verified Buyer


    "I miss the ocean and the beautiful sand of the islands.  I love this picture. It brings back so many memories of my childhood growing up in the Caribbean. I could look at it all day and daydream. The colors are vivid, very well made, hangs right out of the box. The way it was packaged to ship was great, with no damage or scratch very well protected. I hung it right at the top of my stairs to look at it daily. Great piece of artwork.”
    ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ ~ Rosebatey
    ✅ Verified Buyer


    "Very calming. Honestly, I did not have very high expectations, but this is a great picture, very large, and it's the clouds for me. They look perfect, and the water looks very calming. The only negative point was it was wrapped in a tough plastic that I was afraid I might damage the picture when I was removing it. Otherwise, super happy.”
    ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ ~ Thi
    ✅ Verified Buyer


    More Tropical Wall Art Testimonies

    "Stunning! I loved the picture when I saw it. I didn't expect the quality to be so nice.”
    ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ ~ Rhonda
    ✅ Verified Buyer


    "Vibrant colors and premium quality. My wife is excited to put the painting in her office as she loves the beach! The colors are vibrant, and they pop off the canvas. The painting overall has a high quality look and feel. Just a very beautiful painting I think many will enjoy!”
    ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ ~ Jordan
    ✅ Verified Buyer


    "I ordered this artwork and received it a few days ago. And let me tell you! What a great piece of Art! The colors are so pretty and calming. I am putting it in my office, next to my vision board...hopefully one day I can live by the water like in the photo. I took a picture outside so you can see how close the blues are to the real sky. And the little RED umbrellas?! They are everything! It is large and a serious statement piece! Recommend this 100%!”
    ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ ~ Chris 
    ✅ Verified Buyer

     wall art coastal

    The Origins Of Coastal Tropical Wall Art

    The sun beats down on the white sand beach as the waves of the turquoise sea crash against the shore.

    In addition, a cool breeze blows, bringing the salty smell of the ocean.

    And in the distance, you can see something that catches your eye—a brightly-colored mural on the wall of a seaside building.

    Furthermore, this is the beauty of coastal wall art.

    It's not just a picture painted on a wall.

    As a result, it's a way of life.

    Besides, it celebrates the sea, the sand, and the sun.

    And it has a fascinating history that stretches back centuries.

    In particular, the origins of coastal wall art can be traced back to the ancient civilizations that lived along the Mediterranean coast.

    Also, the Greeks and the Romans adorned their buildings with elaborate frescoes and murals depicting scenes of sea monsters, gods and goddesses, and critical historical events.

    Artworks conveyed crucial messages aside from embellishment, for instance.

    Moreover, as time went on, coastal wall art became more complex and sophisticated.

    Michelangelo & Da Vinci's Renaissance murals displayed mythology, religion & history.

    And in the 19th century, the Impressionist movement brought a new style to the art world, with artists like Claude Monet and Pierre-Auguste Renoir creating colorful paintings of coastal scenes.

    Beach Wall Art In The 20th Century

    Coastal wall art thrived in the 20th century.

    In the early 1900s, artists like Diego Rivera and David Alfaro Siqueiros started creating massive murals on the walls of public buildings in Mexico.

    Furthrmore, these murals depicted scenes of everyday life and social issues and were meant to be accessible to everyone.

    In the 1960s and 70s, the street art movement took hold, and artists like Keith Haring and Banksy began creating vibrant, politically charged murals on the walls of buildings in cities worldwide.

    Additionally, these works of art were a form of protest against the status quo and were often created under darkness.

    Moreover, coastal wall art is gaining immense popularity.

    For instance, from the colorful murals of Wynwood in Miami to the intricate mosaics of Lisbon to the stunning street art of Melbourne, artists worldwide use the walls of buildings as their canvas.

    Why do people love coastal wall art?

    Perhaps it speaks to something deep within us – a love of the sea, the sand, and the sun.

    Perhaps it's an art for all, not just the wealthy who attend galleries.

    Moreover, whatever the reason, there's no denying that coastal wall art is a vibrant and exciting form of expression that has captivated people for centuries.

    Keep an eye out for murals & mosaics while beachside strolling or city exploring.

    As a result, you never know what kind of beauty you might discover.

    coastal wall art

    Why People Love Beach Wall Art

    The ocean has always been a source of inspiration for artists and dreamers alike.

    In particular, its vastness and power are captivating, and it is no wonder that coastal wall art has become such a popular decor choice.

    For example, from seascapes to beachy themes, there are countless ways to bring the beauty of the ocean into your home.

    Additionally, one of the reasons why people love coastal wall art is the sense of calm and relaxation it brings.

    Furthermore, the ocean is known for its soothing qualities, and by incorporating coastal wall art into your living space, you can create a peaceful atmosphere that encourages relaxation and introspection.

    Also, imagine coming home after a long work day and being greeted by a serene beach scene or a painting of a sailboat gently rocking on the waves.

    Likewise, it's no wonder that coastal wall art is a popular choice for bedrooms and living rooms, where people go to unwind and recharge.

    Other Reasons People Love Seascape Wall Art

    Coastal art draws fans for its nature association.

    In our modern, fast-paced lives, it can be easy to lose touch with the rhythms of nature.

    In particular, coastal wall art reminds us of the ocean's power, beauty, and vital role in our world.

    Further, by surrounding ourselves with images of the sea, we can tap into a sense of awe and wonder that can be hard to find in our everyday lives.

    Additionally, coastal decor lets us showcase taste & style through wall art.

    Also, showcasing your personality via art is wonderful!

    There are countless styles of coastal art, from abstract seascapes to realistic depictions of marine life.

    For instance, enhance your style with coastal wall art- perfect for all tastes with graphic or muted prints.

    As a result, we can create a space that truly feels like home by choosing art that speaks to us.

    One of the most exciting things about coastal wall art is how it can transport us to different places and times.

    Moreover, art can stir memories (harbor painting) or spark plans (cove photo).

    Coastal wall art sparks our imagination and encourages us to explore new places and experiences.

    Furthermore, seaside art's beauty goes beyond emotions; it can offer practical advantages too.

    Big art can anchor a room and create balance by drawing focus.


    Stunning Coastal Wall Art Can Set The Mood

    Seaside art evokes desired vibe & ambiance.

    In particular, black & white photos of waves evoke drama, sunny beach paintings evoke whimsy.

    Many reasons why coastal wall art is beloved.

    Further, with a tranquil vibe, love of nature and self-expression, coastal art speaks to all.

    By incorporating coastal wall art into our living spaces, we can create a sense of peace and tranquility, connect with the beauty of the ocean, and express our unique personalities and tastes.

    Add seaside charm to your home with wall art today!

     beach wall art on canvas

    Connecting With Nature Through Tropical Wall Art

    The ocean has a magnetic pull on people.

    For instance, from the sound of the waves crashing on the shore to seeing dolphins leaping out of the water, something about the ocean captivates us.

    Sadly, the sea can't always be close by for everyone.

    Luckily, there is a way to bring the ocean to you: ocean wall art.

    Additionally, ocean wall art is a fantastic way to connect with nature.

    Furthermore, it brings the beauty and majesty of the ocean into your home, creating a serene and peaceful atmosphere.

    Likewise, transform your home into a seaside oasis with coastal wall art, no matter where you live.

    Coastal Wall Art Types

    One of the most popular types of coastal wall art is canvas print.

    These prints are incredibly lifelike and give the impression that you are looking out at the ocean from the comfort of your home.

    A canvas print can be the centerpiece of any room, creating a stunning focal point that draws the eye and makes sense of calm.

    Metal art on walls is a hit.

    Moreover, This type of wall art is unique and eye-catching, with a modern and stylish look that complements any decor.

    Metal wall art is a great way to bring the ocean to life, with intricate designs that capture the beauty and majesty of the sea.

    Additionally, if you want to take your ocean wall art to the next level, consider a 3D wall art piece.

    For instance, these pieces use techniques and materials to create a stunning, lifelike depiction of the ocean.

    In particular, with 3D wall art, you can almost feel the waves crashing against the shore and the seagulls flying overhead.

    Escape to the coast with this immersive experience, hundreds of miles away.

    Different Rooms To Hang Beach Wall Art In

    Seaside decor goes beyond the living room walls.

    Likewise, add oceanic vibes to your workspace, boudoir, or any spot lacking water-energy!

    In addition, artwork featuring the ocean can bring peace and focus.

    Tropically themed art is perfect for all ages.

    Kids love the ocean, and ocean wall art can be a great way to spark their imagination and creativity.

    For example, you can decorate a nursery, playroom, or classroom with ocean wall art.

    Besides, it's a great way to encourage children to explore the natural world and learn about the creatures that call the ocean home.

    Decorate with oceanic artwork to connect with nature and add beauty to your living space.

    With canvas prints, metal wall art, and 3D wall art, endless options exist for creating a stunning and immersive ocean experience.

    Find tranquility or spark creativity with sea-themed art for home or kids.

    Begin discovering your sea-inspired art choices now and enhance your dwelling's allure.

    Beaches In Haiti Inspire Beautiful Beach Wall Art

    Haiti is a Caribbean country that boasts of having some of the most stunning beaches in the world.

    The country is home to many natural landscapes, from breathtaking waterfalls to towering mountains and sparkling beaches, which provide an abundant source of inspiration for artists.

    Beaches beyond a retreat and pastime spot.

    They are a muse that inspires breathtaking wall art that people worldwide love.

    The coastal wall art inspired by the beaches in Haiti celebrates the country's vibrant culture and rich history.

    The art captures the essence of the Haitian spirit and the beauty of the beaches, with their crystal clear waters, pristine sand, and lush greenery.

    The coastal wall art has a unique, colorful, elegant style, adding warmth and character to any living space.

    One of the most iconic beaches in Haiti is Labadee.

    Located on the northern coast of Haiti, this stunning beach is a popular destination for tourists and locals alike.

    Majestic cliffs surround the beach, and the sparkling blue waters contrast incredibly with its lush greenery.

    Labadee's natural beauty is a source of inspiration for many Haitian artists who create coastal wall art that captures the essence of the beach.

    The coastal wall art inspired by Labadee is a mix of vibrant colors and stunning imagery.

    The paintings often feature beach images, including palm trees, crystal-clear water, and breathtaking cliffs.

    Additionally, art exudes Haitian essence with vibrant hues and bold motifs celebrating heritage.

    Jacmel beach ignites wall art that's truly inspiring.

    Moreover, this beach is located on the southern coast of Haiti and is known for its vibrant culture and stunning landscapes.

    The beach is surrounded by colorful buildings, which provide a unique backdrop for the spectacular views of the Caribbean Sea.

    Furthermore, the art inspired by Jacmel is a mix of bright colors and bold designs that celebrate the beach's culture.

    The coastal wall art inspired by Jacmel often features beach images, including colorful buildings, palm trees, and crystal-clear waters.

    The art mixes bright colors and bold designs that celebrate Haitian culture.

    The art adds warmth and character to any living space, and it is a unique way to celebrate the beauty of Jacmel beach.

    The Cotes des Arcadian Beach

    Stunning beach of Cotes des Arcadins inspires incredible wall art.

    The beach is located on the western coast of Haiti and is known for its pristine sand, crystal-clear water, and stunning views of the Caribbean Sea.

    The beach is a popular destination for tourists who want to experience the beauty of the Caribbean Sea.

    The tropical wall art inspired by Cotes des Arcadins combines stunning imagery and vibrant colors.

    The paintings often feature images of the beach, including crystal-clear waters, palm trees, and breathtaking views of the Caribbean Sea.

    Bold designs, bright colors capture Haiti's culture spirit.

    Haiti Wall Art Conclusion

    Haitian beaches inspire art that captures essence of Haiti's spirit.

    The coastal wall art is a mix of stunning imagery and vibrant colors that celebrate the beauty of the beaches, the culture, and the people of Haiti.

    Embrace your space's ambiance or appreciate Haitian culture with coastal art. 

    Pause and admire the art inspired by the breathtaking beauty of a beach in Haiti.

    beach wall decor

    Investing in Quality Coastal Home Decor

    Investing in quality coastal home decor is more than just a way to elevate your home's style.

    It's an opportunity to create a relaxing, serene environment that will transport you to the beach, no matter where you live.

    Investing in quality decor pieces is the way to go if you are considering adding coastal flair to your space.

    One of the most significant benefits of investing in quality coastal home decor is the ability to create a cohesive, harmonious space.

    Coastal decor is all about light colors, natural materials, and organic shapes, which create a soothing atmosphere.

    When you invest in high-quality decor pieces, you'll be able to build a space that feels like it was designed by a professional.

    Another advantage of investing in quality coastal home decor is its timelessness.


    Coastal Wall Decor Is Always In Style

    While trends come, the beach-inspired aesthetic always stays in style.

    Quality decor pieces made from natural materials like rattan, wicker, and jute will last years and always remain in fashion.

    Additionally, investing in quality pieces means they will stay strong, saving you money in the long run.

    But where do you start when it comes to investing in coastal home decor?

    The first step is to decide on a color scheme.

    Coastal wall art typically incorporates light blues, greens, and whites, which work well with natural materials like driftwood and seagrass.

    Once you've chosen your color scheme, it's time to start selecting quality decor pieces.

    Also, an excellent place to start is with accent pieces like throw pillows, lamps, and wall art.

    Next, look for items that feature ocean-inspired motifs like shells, starfish, and coral. These pieces will add a touch of coastal charm to your space without overwhelming it.

    Another essential element of coastal decor is texture.

    Further, invest in quality items made from natural materials like jute or sisal.

    Woven rugs, baskets, and lampshades from these materials add a textural element that will make your space feel cozy and inviting.


    Coastal Style Furniture

    In particular, when it comes to larger pieces of furniture, invest in quality pieces that will stand the test of time.

    For example, consider a wicker chair or a rattan headboard. These pieces are durable and stylish, adding a touch of beachy elegance to any room.

    Of course, the coastal home decor would only be complete with some beachy accents.

    Moreover, consider adding a collection of seashells or a vintage surfboard to your space.

    These pieces are not only visually appealing, but they also add a personal touch that makes your area feel unique and special.

    Besides, investing in quality coastal wall art is more than just a design choice.

    Additionally, it's an opportunity to create a beautiful and relaxing space.

    By choosing high-quality items made from natural materials and incorporating ocean-inspired motifs, you can create a cohesive, timeless space that will transport you to the beach every time you step inside.

    So, whether you're looking to redesign your entire home or add a few coastal touches, investing in quality decor is the way to go.

    Furthermore, not only will it elevate your space's style, but it will also create a tranquil, serene environment that you'll love coming home to every day.

    wall art tropical


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